The Story

The beginning of a universe

When the sky opened up over Trafalgar Square, humanity learned the true nature of Gods. All gods humanity had worshiped over millennia lived in the same place, The Godrealm. Their search for an object of great power, hidden on Earth aeons before, leads to a war between gods that changes Earth and its inhabitants forever. In the new world, occupied by gods, full of strange creatures, new races and magic, one god, Aker, intent on ending the occupation of Earth, stands against the new rule.

Joined by a group of powerful humans and gods, Aker embarks on a journey to free those imprisoned during the war and overthrow his powerful nemesis, the one who bears the object, the Godseed.

Dark, suspenseful and full of action, Keepers of the Godwill: Godfall tells a story of prophecy, betrayal, revenge and the pursuit of justice in a dystopian future.