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Author Biography

S. A. Henry is the writer of the fantasy novel, Keepers of the Godwill: Godfall. He is a professional Freelance Web Developer, Classical Minimalist Pianist and Author from London, UK.

As an author, S. A. Henry looks forward to welcoming you to his world. Based in London with a passion for representing the world’s oft underrepresented storytellers from a multitude of different cultures, he is establishing himself as an exciting young talent, with the passion of an artist and the curiosity of an astronomer. Keepers Of The Godwill: Godfall is his first book and is intended to be the first of five main stories in his young universe.

He wrote Keepers Of The Godwill: Godfall after realising that the magic he was dreaming up within him needed to get out, and those who know him are very grateful that he did.

His entire childhood was spent living amongst people’s stories. From oral traditions of indigenous peoples the world over,  to the adventures provided by the Norse gods, he enjoys a life rooted in reality but coloured by fiction (as we all should). Keepers Of The Godwill: Godfall is the brainchild of his upbringing and passion for this expansive planet that we are all neighbours on, and he hopes very much that you enjoy it just as much as he enjoyed writing it.